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Here some informations about my person:

Maria Thereza Mendonça Wolff, artists name MARITA

Education: chemical engineer, industrial chemist, intelectual property agent
Others: psycology
Publications: 87 technical and cientific articles
                    52 discourses in Brazil and abroad

Art education: atelier de pintura Ivan Serpa 1969, atelier de pintura Frank Schaeffer 1971, atelier de pintura Anna Luiza Trancoso 2007/2008, oficina criativa Lidia Peychaux 2008/2014

Galerie Thuillier Paris, France 
           Galerie Artitude Paris, France 
           Galeria do Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2008: Espaço da Arte Rio, Brazil 
           Galeria New Ars Italica Milan (bronze medal), Italy
  2009: Stadtsparkasse Burgdorf, Germany
           Galeria do Iate Clube do  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2010: Galerie Pierre Cardin Paris, France
  2014: Latin Art Fair New York, USA

Other artistic activities
  2013:  book "Minha Vida em Ipanema"
            book "Meus Encontros"
            book "Minhas Viagens"
  2014: permanent associate Art Gallery Saphira & Ventura, N.Y.,USA

NEXUS, Agenda Literária, pg.48, Oficina Editores Rio
           Various cronicals and poems
  2012/13/14: Art periodical "Arte & Estilo"

Athletic activities: Master swimming and biking

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