Besides my artistic interests I occupy myself with the following:

I am fascinated specially by the sectors which refer to genetics, to microorganisms and to pharmacy which envolve me with constant studies.

Environment studies:
this is one of the themes of my discourses.

Traditional knowledge, folklore and genetic resources :
traditional knowledge, folklore and genetic resources must be protected, because they guarantee the maintenance of our biodiversity and living ambient.

Budism :
budism gave me a straight line of orientation for my life, since the seventies I practice meditation and study literature, having participated actively in various communities (practical work)

Master swimming :
swimming gave and gives me physical equilibrium, I practice swimming three times per week and have participated in all state, national, international and world competitions since 1998. Complementary physical (muscular) training can not be dispensed for the sake of a good body condition.

Biking :
I participate in biking excursions with groups in Europe, which is a great hobby.

Yoga :
I returned to Yoga exercises in 2012